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Learner Role
Instructor Role Weeks Process
(Note - this application of the model is based on a 16 week semester; it can be adjusted for shorter time periods.)

1: Co-existNewcomerSocial Negotiator1-2Instructor provides activities that are interactive and that help learners get to know one another. Instructor expresses expectations for engagement in the course, provides orientation to the course, and keeps learners on track. Examples: icebreakers, individual introductions, discussions concerning community issues such as Netiquette rules in a virtual lounge.
2: Communicate
Structural Engineer3-4Instructor forms dyads of learners and provides activities that require critical thinking, reflection, and sharing of ideas. Examples: Peer reviews, activity critiques.
3: CooperateCollaborator Facilitator5-6Instructor provides activities that require small groups to collaborate, solve problems, and reflect on experiences. Examples: content discussions, role playing, debates, jigsaws.
4: CollaborateInitiator/Partner Community
7-XActivities are learner-designed or learner-led. Discussions begin to go not only where the instructor intends but also where the learners direct them to go. Examples: Group presentations and projects, learner-facilitated discussions.

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